Discover. Grow. Achieve.

We at Bala Vihar curate specially designed programs for children of ages 5+ to 13, to bring out their innate qualities and help them grow mentally, physically, spiritually and culturally.


Each class (weekly 60-90 minutes) has a specially curated syllabus which aims to empower the child to discover his/her potential through various activities including:



Due to the current pandemic, all classes have shifted online.


This year, we aim to bring the best of the offline world and fuse it with the online. All children will be divided area wise – which means they get to meet their local teachers. Not only this, children within each area will be further divided by age to ensure that age specific content is delivered to them


We look forward to having your children be part of this journey, so that they can learn, grow and become proud ambassadors of this great and glorious culture.


To register for Bala Vihar and be involved in our activities