Chinmaya Heritage Centre is a vibrant symbol of our everlasting love and gratitude to our Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda , the founder of Chinmaya Mission and one of the most venerated spiritual leaders of our country.

We have many facilities at the Chinmaya Heritage Centre for the benefit of devotees and the general public like, like a reference library, a meditation room and a spiritual hall on. There are three major facilities meant for maximum utilization by the corporate world and educational and cultural institutions - 'Tapovan Hall', an auditorium with a seating capacity of 766, 'Sivananda Conference Hall' which can comfortably accommodate 40 persons, and a spacious 'Adi Sankara Satsang Hall' with a seating capacity of 300.

Tapovan Hall

A fully air-conditioned auditorium rated as one of the best auditoriums in the city of Chennai with excellent acoustics and spacious seating arrangements, ensuring comfortable access to any seat inside the auditorium without causing inconvenience to other occupants Many important conventions and global conferences have taken place in this auditorium. Quite a few companies and institutions have been conducting regular corporate quiz programmes in this hall. Many parents show a special preference for this auditorium to conduct Bharatanatyam arangetrams of their children. Several cultural, educational and social organisations in the country patronize the hall to conduct seminars, meetings and cultural programmes particularly because of its excellent acoustics With a sufficiently large foyer in the front and spacious verandas on both sides of the auditorium , this is an ideal venue for conducting Annual General Meetings of companies having a large and moderate attendance. The spacious open areas available on both sides of the building within the compound can be comfortably used for serving refreshments and meals.

Sivananda Conference Hall

A well designed multipurpose conference hall with all the modern facilities including an overhead projector and sound system.

The conference hall can be used comfortably for holding business meetings, review meetings , interviews for placement , press conferences and also for holding small seminars and training classes.

Adi Sankara Satsang Hall

This spacious hall is named after Sri Adi Sankara, one of the venerated spiritual leaders of all times, whose life and teachings had a profound influence on Swami Chinmayananda.

We invite you to explore the possibilities of using the above facilities at Chinmaya Heritage Centre and thereby extend your support to preserve its architectural marvel and spiritual splendour in full measure. We will be happy to extend all possible help to you for conducting your programmes successfully at our venue.

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