Baby steps to divinity.

This is Chinmaya Mission’s newest creative device to ‘catch them young’; a forum for anyone aged below 6 years. Shishu Vihar is an assemblage of infants, toddlers and young and new parents for early introduction to spiritual education.

Indian tradition being familiar with the significance of sowing ethical seeds early, even as early as the pre-natal stage – Shishu Vihar strives to provide opportunities for this, Simplifies Hinduism and introduces toddlers and infants to basic concepts that enable spiritual growth and cultural education

Classes follow a modern structure of play groups where children learn through

  •  Songs
  •  Stories with props
  •  Bhajans with actions
  •  Games and Activities
  •  Arts & Crafts

Appropriate to their age and development. For effective learning outcomes, several props, music and an extensive use of colours, shapes and forms are utilised to relay information to the infant.

Register by contacting the coordinator +91 98848 85137

Alternatively, register via this form