Chinmaya Sunday Patashala


A family that celebrates together stays together, no matter the physical distance. Chinmaya Sunday Patashala is a Family Empowerment Program, bringing together the Family as a Unit. Family is the best resource for Spiritual Nourishment to each and every member of the family. CSP aims to bring together the family every week to learn together, celebrate together and grow together, spiritually and culturally.

How does CSP work?

  • Three sessions a month, 2 hours each session
  • Members register as a family
  • Begins with Morning assembly, where members pray together, chant Gita and learn new bhajans and shlokas
  • One hour of separate classes according to age
  • Common session of half an hour after the classes include
  • Movie workshops – watching movies and discussions about them
  • Temple trips – Apart from worshipping the main deity and other deities, we discover the various facts about the temples like sthala-purana (history behind the temple), sculptures and their relevance.
  • Yearly two field trips to enjoy the spiritual and cultural glory of our land
  • Maitri Utsav is an annual festival when all members of family come together to showcase talents and group performances.
  • What and how do we learn?

    The content of learning comprises of age-appropriate tasks and activities.

  • Junior Bala Vihar – Children of age seven and below learn various stories from Indian scriptures, about the history and architecture of India through story telling session, videos, simple crafts, colouring activities, stories and action songs
  • Senior Bala Vihar – Children between ages 7 to 12 learn about stories, concepts and values from Indian scriptures and history through story-telling sessions, relevant videos, crafts, origami, Word search and crossword puzzles
  • Junior Yuva Kendra – Learning the importance of our culture through exploring Indian scriptures and learning values through discussions and debates, props, field trips, games and sports
  • Study group and Vanaprastha – Learning the meaning and the concepts given in various text and extracts of Indian scriptures and discussions and debates, question-and-answer sessions.
  • Beginners batch learn the basic grantha – Bhajagovindam.
  • Who teaches the concepts?

  • Sevaks trained under the able guidance of Chinmaya Mission acharyas and teachers
  • Sevaks who are qualified to teach concepts to children
  • Each session’s lesson plan is created separately with various relevant activities, videos and games.
  • The topic for Bala Vihar for the year 2020-21 was Namaami Bhaaratam and the CSP sessions were conducted online with breakout rooms. The children learnt about India and its various aspects. The topics covered were:

  • Geographical location of the various states of India
  • Cultural significance of each region
  • Spiritual significance of each region
  • Festivals and food
  • Important people who inspired people
  • Well-known and lesser known temples of India, heir sthala-purana and unique features
  • A prasaadam every session, relevant to the region covered that week
  • Do not miss this opportunity to learn about our own Motherland, that too as a Family.

    Due to the current pandemic, all classes have shifted online.

    Please do Register at the below link :