A family that celebrates together stays together!!

CSP is a Family Empowerment Program, not only bringing together a FAMILY as a unit but also all FAMILIES as a cohesive and vibrant community.

CSP families Engage & Evolve together.

In CSP, we learn modern yet ancient information while staying rooted to our "Bharathiya" values, culture & traditions. "Prakriti Vandanam - See God in All" is the highlighted curriculum of this year.


How does CSP work?

  • 3 Sundays a month (10 am to 12 noon)
  • Members should register as a FAMILY
  • Bhajans & Bhagwad Geeta chanting
  • Subhashitam
  • Gurudev’s videos , inspiring movies and  stories from our shastras
  • Poojas and celebration of festivals
  • Theme based workshops
  • Healthy competitions on recitation of select chants
  • Fun activities for the family like quizzes and puzzles
  • Art & Craft

We cater to educating the different age groups of the family through the following classes

  • Junior Bala Vihar (5 to 7 years)
  • Senior Bala Vihar (8 to 12 years)
  • Junior Chinmaya Yuva Kendra (12 to 18 years)
  • Junior Study Group (30 to 60 years &  new seekers)
  • Senior Study Group (30 to 60 years & senior seekers)
  • Devi Group (exclusively for women)
  • Vanaprastha (above 60 years)


Maitri Utsav is a CSP Festival, conducted once a year celebrating our togetherness as a family and it is an excellent platform for our registered members to showcase their talent.


Due to the pandemic, our classes will be conducted ONLINE via ZOOM.

This year it will be a 7-month Family Empowerment Program beginning on July 25th, 2021 (10 am to 12 noon) to end by February 27th, 2022.


Kindly register using the link below