Geeta Chanting



Sri Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayanandaji firmly believed that an ethical, dynamic and progressive world of tomorrow was possible only if dedicated effort is made in moulding the children in their attitudes, values, ideas and ideals.  And He invested every moment of His time on the need to expose the young ones to the Vedantic wisdom encapsulated in Srimad Bhagavad Geeta. 

Towards this end, as a preliminary but crucial step, Swamiji wanted them to master the art of chanting the Holy Geeta at an early stage in life, so that they can relate effortlessly, when the time becomes ripe for understanding and applying the values contained therein. 


Inspired by His grand vision, Chinmaya Mission has been undertaking this glorious project every year, so as to ensure that the timeless values contained in the Holy Geeta are disseminated meaningfully to the maximum number for maximum time.  Started in 1989 under the watchful guidance of Pujya Gurudev, the Geeta Chanting Competition has become an important annual project of all Chinmaya Mission centres across the world.  Through this project, we touch the lives of over half-a-million children, as well as their families, across the globe and play a crucial role in the preservation of the rich heritage and culture of Bharat, by strengthening the spiritual edifice of the younger generation. 


Chinmaya Mission Chennai, which was conducting the Geeta Chanting Competition locally under Pujya Gurudev’s guidance from the year 1986, has been a front-runner in the Geeta Chanting Competition project, with an average participation of about 50000 - 60000 children every year, thanks to some enthusiastic participation from the schools, teachers and parents, as well as the untiring efforts put in by our senior sevaks over the past three decades!


The year 2020 was a challenging one, marred with uncertainties and overshadowed by the disruption caused by the pandemic.  The Chennai GCC team, however, ensured continuity of the project by conducting the competition online using the video conferencing facility.  This enabled the enthusiastic participation of more than 18,500 children in 2021, for which we offer our heartfelt gratitude to the committed support extended by schools, teachers, parents and sevaks, who believed that the exposure to the Holy Geeta would go a long way in shaping the lives of all those children.


During 2021 Chinmaya Mission Chennai, with the learnings of 2020, used the online platform effectively to conduct the Geeta Chanting Competition for over 18,000 children from various schools

The onslaught of multiple waves of the pandemic and the resulting disruption during the last two years seems to have subsided now, and hopefully, we should all be able to resume our day-to-day activities as in the pre-pandemic period.  With this hope and an unstinting faith in the Almighty, we now propose to commence the Geeta Chanting Competition for the year 2022 (GCC-2022), in the physical form, as was being done during the pre-pandemic era, with the hope of involving a lot many more schools and their students as participants.... and eagerly await your enthusiastic participation in making the project a grand success.