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Amrit Mahotsav

Bharat Mata Ki Jai


Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, 75 years since Independence, was indeed celebrated in the most memorable way in Chinmaya Mission, Chennai on 15th Aug 2022.


At the crack of dawn , 25 two wheelers and 5 cars were getting ready to rally all the way from Chinmaya Heritage Centre (CHC) to Chinmaya Tarangini , abode of Lord Matsyanarayana, at Uthandi . At 6 am the National Flag was hoisted at Chinmaya Heritage Centre by Swami Mitrananda, followed by a proud recital of National Anthem by all assembled members of Chinmaya Mission, Chennai.


Following which, each rider decked in Orange , each vehicle bearing the National Flag, motored 27 kms at a steady pace, towards Lord Matsyanarayana, the giver of eternal freedom!


Riders reached within an hour at Tarangini to be welcomed by temple devotees, other mission members and a Majestic Matsyanarayana, the idol was so beautifully decorated in Tri colour!


National Flag was hoisted at Tarangini, National Anthem sung, sweets  distributed and by now each member was super excited for the next event.


Meanwhile, 40 boats , 100plus friendly fishermen and the wide sea were getting ready to ferry each member, into the sea, for another memorable flag hoisting, in the waters.


The boat ride thrilled a few, reminded a few of the Samsara Sagar (bondage we carry in our life), freaked a few and brought streams of joy for a few, who ended merrily singing National songs all the way into the sea. Boats were beautifully arranged for a spectacular aerial view and Indian National Flag was hoisted in the central boat by Swami Mitrananda amidst heartful rendition of National Anthem by the surrounding members. It felt as if the waters also joined them in the recital, as the waves swayed to the tune of National Anthem!


Heading Back to Tarangini, members together watched "The Legend of Bhagat Singh" followed by a reflective session on "75yrs of Independence and the way forward". With body mind and thoughts energised and reliving every aspect of true independence, it was time for a soulful musical treat by Chinmaya Swaranjali themed "Patriotic Beats "!


After the blissful evening , each devotee headed back home reminiscing every event of the day and the bliss it shared with them. Be it the bike ride or boat ride or Bhagat Singh or the final musical Beats, every moment reminded them of our Blissful Bharath and our duty to maintain its glory!