Covid Relief Work

Let’s ride this out together

Let’s ride this out together

“Let’s Talk, my Friend” initiative

We lend our listening ears with an objective approach


Objective of the initiative

"Without spiritual stamina, no one can stand up to the threats and onslaughts of circumstances in life” said the great master Swami Chinmayananda

Our objective is to reach out to those feeling anxious or insecure while facing the pandemic. To awaken the inner strength and self-reassurance


Friends, who can call us are?


What we attempt through this initiative?


This initiative is not for


Please share this flier with details and Let’s ride this out together


Other Covid Relief Work

Swami Chinmayananda added the lines “Service of our country is the service of Lord of Lords and devotion to the people is the devotion to the Supreme Self” to Chinmaya Mission Pledge.


Remembering these lines during this pandemic, Chinmaya Mission Chennai has reached out to the public in the following ways.


a.    Funded Two Oxygen generation plants  to

1) Hindu Mission Hospital, Chennai and 
2) Jayabharath Hospital, Nellore.


b.    Funding Oxygen refills at Sri Chakra Multispecialty Hospital, Chennai


c.    Supply of Oxygen Concentrators for COVID patients in Chennai

While we are reaching out to a good number of the society through these initiatives, it would be nice if you can spread the word around to your known circles and contacts.